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White Willow Extract

White Willow Extract
White Willow Extract
Introduction:White Willow Extract; 15.0% 50.0%Salicin HPLC; Antisepsis, anti-inflammation
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1. Sources and Habitat

White willow (Salix alba in Latin) is a species of willow native to Europe and western and central Asia. The name derives from the white tone to the undersides of the leaves.


2. Descriptions and Specifications of Product

Content Specifications: 15%-98% Salicin Test by HPLC

Molecular Formula: C13H18O7

Molecular Mass: 286.29

CAS No.: 138-52-3

Constitutional Formula:

3. Indications and Uses

It has the same effect on the body as aspirin without any of the side effects.
Anti-inflammation, fever relief, an analgesic, Relieve acute and chronic pain, including headache, back and neck pain,muscle aches, and menstrual cramps.



4. Safety Concerns

Do not give white willow to children to treat fever resulting from cold, flu, or chickenpox -- it is not known if white willow, like aspirin, could cause potentially fatal Reye syndrome in children with these illnesses. People with ulcers or gastrointestinal conditions should not use white willow without first consulting their doctor-white willow may aggravate symptoms or cause stomach upset in some sensitive individuals. Those taking blood thinners should avoid this herb also, as it may increase the action of these medications.


5. Dosage Information

White willow is available in bulk powder or capsule form. It is also available in commercial tinctures and extracts. Make sure to follow dosage instructions on commercial preparations. To make white willow tea at home, use 1 teaspoon of powdered bark per cup of hot water, and drink up to 3 cups a day. White willow tastes bitter, but it's okay to add sugar or honey.

The information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, hence only for reference.

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