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Konjac Extract

Konjac Extract
Konjac Extract
Introduction:Konjac Extract; 90.0% Glucomannan UV; Cholesterol maintenance
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1. Sources and Habitat

Konjac is grown in India, China, Japan and Korea for its large starchy corms, used to create a flour and jelly of the same name. It is also used as a vegan substitute for gelatin.

2. Descriptions and Specifications of Product

Content Specifications: 90% Glucomannan Test by UV
Molecular Formula: C26H43O22
Molecular Mass: 708
CAS No.: 37220-17-0
Constitutional Formula:

3. Indications and Uses

Konjac contains more than ten kinds of amino acid required by human body, microelement and unsaturated fatty acid, it is effective in tumor resisting, blood pressure descending, blood sugar descending and weight-losing.

The information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, hence only for reference.

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