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Hibiscus Flower Extract

Hibiscus Flower Extract
Hibiscus Flower Extract
Introduction:Hibiscus Flower Extract; 5.0% Anthocyanins UV; Antivirus, Eye protection
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1. Sources and Habitat

Hibiscus grows in tropical grows in tropical areas throughout the world, and has been used not just as an ornament, but also medicinally for centuries. The part of this plant used medicinally is the flower. The Hibiscus flower is made into a tea in numerous cultures throughout the world. Hibiscus has a mild flavor and has many culinary uses.

2. Descriptions and Specifications of Product

Content Specifications: 5.0% Anthocyanins Test by UV

Basic Molecular Formula: C15H11O
Molecular Mass:207.24  
Constitutional Formula:


3. Indications and Uses

Hibiscus Extract was used by the Chinese to treat dandruff and stimulate hair growth.

Hibiscus Extract has also been used to treat hemorrhoids and wounds.

Recent research has shown that Hibiscus Extract may have antibacterial properties.

The information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, hence only for reference.

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