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What Is Phosphatidylserine(PS)-China Supplier Betteringbio

Phosphatidylserine Powder is a phospholipid component, and is the single most important building block nutrient for healthy, alive, and functional brain cells. Dietary supplementation with PS can improve symptoms of decline in memory, learning, concentration, coordination and mood. Bettering Biotech have three kinds of Phosphatidylserine,20%,50% and 70%.


Phosphatidylserine(PS) powder is among the class of compounds named phospholipids, but many don’t realize that it was the original phospholipid. Phosphatidylserine was first discovered in 1847 by a French scientist that was investigating sub-compounds of lecithin found in chicken eggs. This long history has done little for the mainstream awareness of Phosphatidylserine, but certainly speaks to the volumes of it’s deep integration throughout natural compounds. Phosphatidylserine is of particular use in building cellular membranes because, due to its phospholipid nature, it is capable of forming a bi-layer structure. This dual-purposed structure around your cellular innards is the key to regulating cellular function and communication throughout your body. In spite of the lack of mainstream awareness, a 2010 study found that Phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylcholine, and Ginko Biloba to be the three most often-recommended products for staving off cognitive decline.


Phosphatidylserineis found in particularly high concentrations within your brain, and accounts for nearly 15% of all phospholipids found in neural cellular membranes. Considering what an integral role this compound plays in the health and functionality of your brain cells, it’s little wonder that much of its acclaim comes from investigations into neurodegenerative diseases. Phosphatidylserine has been shown to provide benefit to those suffering from early-stage Alzheimer’s, as well as general cognitive function among elderly people. Maintaining adequate levels of Phosphatidylserine has quickly become regarded as being one of the most common-sense approaches in maintaining mental health. Phosphatidylserine is found in large amounts in soy, as is phosphatidylcholine. Other sources include cow brains, mackerel, and chicken hearts. Sunflower has also been known to be a commercially-viable source of phosphatidylserine, and has become a popular source in recent years.


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