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Anti-Inflammatory Extract-Echinacea Herb Extract

Echinacea Herb Extract is a mainstay in my holistic health kit of essential remedies. I've found nothing better than echinacea extract for treating the onset of a sore throat. Also, Echinacea Herb Extract is especially beneficial if taken at the first signs of flu and cold symptoms rather than waiting until you are in the full-bloom of the nasties. I have also found this healing herb to be a benefit to inflammatory distress.


Echinacea Purpurea, commonly known as the purple cone flower, is extremely easy to grow. I have a hardy clump of purple cones growing in a small garden in my Southeastern Iowa (garden zone 4). Every part of the plant (roots, stems, foliage, and blossom) have a medicinal use. Echinacea Herb Extract can be used in teas and herbal remedies. The blossom is used in the making of flower essences. Because of its antibiotic properties I have incorporated the echinacea blossom in a special blend of flower essences I created in my healing practice labeled Exhaustion and Fatigue Formula.


A web search on the keyword echinacea purpurea extract will bring you a mother-load of links, (mostly markets for Echinacea products). I stumbled upon a site that sells a type of daily supplement with echinacea angustifolia extract in it. I do not recommend or approve of using Echinacea in this manner. Echinacea extract is nature's antibiotic meant to boost your immune system. Echinacea extract Cichoric acid is not intended to be taken as a constant. My recommendation is to take Echinacea for a week to ten days. After a lapse of 5-6 days if your symptoms persist then take it for a second period of 7-10 days.


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